Hotel Luca

Luigi Rossi, Italian by birth, arrived in our country in the 1930s. Just a suitcase, filled more with dreams than personal items. His adventurous spirit led him to search for a dream, beyond his horizon and with the hope of sharing that dream with his family once he achieved it.

From a family dedicated to service and a warm and lively culture, Luigi was a dynamic young man with a clear vision for his life, serving others and infecting those around him with his classic but modern spirit.

Eclectic as he was, he fell in love with a Mexican beauty, Carmen López, whom he met at work in one of the classic hotels in downtown Mexico City.

Both lived a love story that would lead them to be partners in life and business, both merged their names to establish a place where they would offer hospitality fusing Italian and Mexican, with classic and avant-garde touches, giving rise to Luca, boutique hotel in Rome.

A warm place like Nona's house but in a building with modern and avant-garde details, in one of the classic and traditional neighborhoods of Mexico City: La Roma

A love story turned into hospitality in the heart of Mexico City

Welcome to Luca, boutique hotel

About us

Hotel Luca

Hotel LUCA has 30 suites with modern amenities, large windows overlooking the hotel's interior patio or Plaza Luis Cabrera, complimentary Mexican coffee and WiFi, minibar with free non-alcoholic drinks, Complimentary American Breakfast, typical Mexican dishes with a spectacular view on the LUCA terrace, located on 6th. floor . Choose one of our rooms with views of the patio, with a private terrace or with a magnificent view of Plaza Luis Cabrera.